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[DOWNLOAD] get the latest android.jar for Android IDE

Here is the AIDE’s android.jar for Android 9 Support


Can anyone confirm this is legitimate? I would sure like to have AIDE targeting sdk 28, but I’m wary of installing 3rd party code this way.

My thoughts exactly.

This isn’t an apk, this is just a .JAR file that overwrites the old android.jar

Having a source trail is important for security.
I am not downloading something that’s not from sources appfour controls.


If you say, but I just uncompressed a zip from google’s source to find that file

Maybe show us how you did it?

I just go to, downloaded a tar from it and unpacked just the android.jar, see that have a lot of archives on it, its unnecessary for the AIDE

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How to install in Aide??

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Just press and hold in the jar…

Could you send directly the link to download tar from that source please. I have tried to download offline all data of that page and searched for the .jar file but didn’t found.

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I found this site, in it there are links to platform sdks zip files.

Although I don’t know it is reliable.

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I found this on trusted source:
Didn’t know why google got error on mom tree. ex:

Latest package:
Download, Unzip and got android.jar

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Where exactly is the android.jar that needs to be overwritten? For NON rooted users?

It does’nt need root my friend

Can you explain how and where to put this file?

Once Downloaded, go to /sdcard/Downloads using AIDE.

Press and hold in the file (the file MUST have the “android.jar” name).

And now, select “Use as android.jar”

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How to solve this error? Commenting the error attrs will make the app compile and build but crash on start up with no logs at all.

The problem is with an API