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[AndroidX] [Material] Android Material DrawerLayout Template

Feel free to download and make your handsome projects :
DrawerLayout(Added support for system dark theme):


[Use the latest android.jar]

Set the new android.jar
Follow this thread: [DOWNLOAD] get the latest android.jar for Android IDE

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[Fixing Errors]

If you got errors like this:

Just add a number or letter to “closeIcon”, “icon” and “iconTint” attribute.
For example:

  • “icon” to “icon2”
  • “closeIcon” to “closeIcon2”…

Reserved for the future

Nice post, take a heart!

Well, this really works and the app does not crash! So why on earth can’t AIDE compile projects taken from github?! :thinking: It always throws numerous errors!

Some devs has not 100% compilable code on their GitHub. That is one of the many reasons.

Sometimes the project uses a new version of gradle, one of their changes is that compile is now deprecated and you must use dependency