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What happened to the development license I bought years ago

I odten go long stretches of time without using Aide. I thought that message popping up was that extra stuff you were trying to sell me for years. Anyway, I was just getting the hang of Java again with everything in one file. Figured that it was time to clean up and put the code in miltiple files, compiled everything and all was working, so I thought. Then realized the files were showing as unsaved. So I tried saving and it popped up that license panel with no option to bypass. I backed out and somehow froze Aide. Got it up again and realized I lost all my reorg work.

It was at this point I paid attention to that annoying panel, and realized my developer license had disappeared. So I bought it again and did all that work again. Luckily it had not save the original file, so I still had the working code.

I don’t mind you limiting the ability to complile large multifile projects, but disabling the ability to save puts users at risk of losing a lot of work. Especially when it is so not obvious that the files did not save and the compile is using the former version of the code. Not cool man!!!

Remember, some of us are too caught up in our project to notice such unobvious stuff.