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Today Only! - Chance to get a free Developer License


I have 10 Developer License Key to give away. To get one, please write an email to and let me know why you would deserve one.

They need to be redeemed today (with a chance they are still working tomorrow, depending on your time zone!)

Once they are all gone … they are gone.

Good Luck,



Keys are gone, hope everyone who got one enjoys!

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Thanks @trixi! You are the best!

Done sent it. Your such an amazing person

hai any chance another give away license key for new year gift? i need it badly i purchase it before with another email but after i reflash my device my purchasing become invalid by playstore.

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@kingdj You should be fine by just adding the Google account ( you did the purchase on) to your device. There should be no need to repurchase it. I am very sorry there are no keys left, but I will announce it when we have another give away. If it was the Developer Key you owned you can also contact us at with your old and new Google Account and we will help you to get a new license if possible.

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i bought what aide offer in app purchase.about 10$ the prize,i don.t remember anymore my old gmail password that i use to bought aide.

Then send all possible Google Acounts to my email at and I will check for you!

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i will.thanks for the response.hope it can be done&solved👍 send you an email.with detail purchasing.i wish it can be processed soon.thank you :+1:

@kingdj … just be patient, we might be in different time zones, I am not working 24/7. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m new to development but have experience in root. I also have small coding experience and am working now to learn Java and it’s many features!

How do you think I can make aide generate DataBinding class? I have done so many things to make it work but still to no avail.