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Solved AppCompatActivity Force Stop

Solved, the problem was that i had android SDK 21 (android.jar) with appcompat 27.1.1 , tried android SDK 24,25,26,27 with appcompat 27.1.1 but still no luck, then tried android SDK 25 with appcompat 25.0.0 and it worked like a charm. Hope this may help anyone with same issue.


Use the appcompat version 26.0.1 and go to res/values/style.xml and change parent to Theme.AppCompat.Light.NoActionBar…

Then go to res/values-v21/style.xml and change the Style name to “Shutt”

Now u can use the AppCompatActivity successfully… Good Luck!

Im using AndroidX, all you need is solve the “problems” with the api, its working fine with me!

We need more explanations. Are you using x in a full project? A project from github for example. I can assure you that I have downloaded hundreds of projects ( music players to be precise ) only Odyssey with libs v25.+ worked for me. Many others produce non-fixable errors due to unsupported formats or even libraries

No, I created a project called “Hello World”, then I include the AndroidX Library, commented the problems and works fine!! (the errors are only in XML that was duplicated) Just comment (<!--COMMENT-->) the duplicate!

Now is just use your Special Android IDE X!!

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Please how can I use AndroidX also ?
I do not know what are required in the process.