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Project: Aide India(Android Bulb)

If You Want To Become A Aide Pro developer Then Follow Me.

I would like to help, but, im not from India

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Thank You For
Contacting Aide India Team , Tell me How can i help you.

I can help by programming, implementing and translating (portuguese) some functions as volunteer.

Sorry For Inconvenience Because I don’t know portuguese language, but i will try to help you, please give me Right statement so that i can help you to programming implementation

Thank you❣️

Sorry for the confusion, i said that i can help by translating the app to portuguese

Ok Thanks For tha help

I think he is not affiliated with AIDE staff, he’s only offering his help to others.

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Sorry to mangle, just changed header to clarify that this posing is about an independent project. The AIDE Dev Team and Staff are not involved. :woman_cartwheeling:

Yes He’s Right
The AIDE Dev Team and Staff are not involved.

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