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No app inside bin folder after finish building

hai i wana ask 1 thing…why there.s no app anymore inside bin folder after we finishing the build? its only containing like shown on ss below

how to make it normal app after build is finish?@trixi can you help this one?

What do you mean by making it normal app?
Did you press the Run button inside AIDE?
What happens if you do?

normal app=apk inside bin folder.try to make sample app and build it.then check the installable apk inside bin.

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I mean what exactly are u trying to do?
And yes there is no installable apk inside the project.
Check it here: Android > data > com.aide.ui > cache

nothing inside android/data/com.aide.ui/cache…empty.
i.m just asking did aide change the way app result after usualy before there.s always complete apk inside bin.but now not anymore

Maybe that was long time ago. If you wish to have an apk file just use an APK Extractor from the store

Android 10 and AIDE beta seems still build app.apk inside Android/data/com.aide.ui/cache/apk/.

And maybe, ‘Publish’ is the preferred way to get apk file.

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thank mate.its help me a lot…:+1:

You are right. I just build a demo app , compile and run! No MyApp.apk anywhere in bin/*

Hello @kingdj, the apk’s are located in the /sdcard/Android (or /data/data) folder of AIDE. I found it acidentally.

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Can you help me on how to make aide generate DataBinding class?