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MultiDexing issue

In the screenshot, setting minSdk to 21 causes a ClassNotFoundException. Also, setting multiDexEnabled true causes the same exception.

Anyone got a solution for this? I can’t proceed without multidexing the app!

Same case for me trying adding Admob

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@trixi We are facing terrible issues with Multidexing. Hope the devs solve this issue soon! If you need more info, please let us know so we can provide more info!

@rabbi I read your post and we all are aware of the issue!

MultiDex don’t work as well, it generates too many dex files

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For example: I have created a sample project with AppCompat v25.3.1

Project run fine and app works.
But what about the generated dex file?

Too many dex files!

And every dex files start from clsses2.dex and up contains code from unused library packages:

AIDE compile globally several libraries packages and keeping all in every dex files.
It’s bad if you want to add several library dependencies in your build.gradle!

Well, my app crashes after setting the minSdk to 21 and/or enabling multdexing.
Support libraries version: 27.1.1
This is frustrating

@eveyone thank you for all the information regarding this issue.
@Ali will send the link to this thread to the devs, so for now please continue gathering information here.


How’re things going concerning this issue? I’m using the v27 support libraries and MultiDexing causes a horrific crash!