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Hello Anyone to help me


Line 18 your missing a > look at line 7

Before taking screenshots press the blue arrow, it doesnt matter in this screenshot but sometimes it covers up the code

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A correction to what @Jay_M suggested, remove the > after <LinearLayout in line 15. And add /> at the end.

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You can use:
<LinearLayout some attributes here />
<LinearLayout some attributes here </LinearLayout>

Thanks please help me here also

This is an OnLongClickListener.
@Override public boolean onLongClick ( View view ) { return false; }

Nice catch i totally missed that arrow looking thing but IIRC that 2nd layout needs to be open so he can add the yes/no buttons inside. Could be wrong though its been years since i did this. Anyways looking at the replys hes either skipped it/passed it or still doing it.

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Thanks how about this

Thanks how about thisUploading: Screenshot_20210716-081316.jpeg…

Dunno cant see the code or the instructions

This file is automatically generated. If it is broken, try to remove it and restart AIDE