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Fix special characters affect the line height of edittext

Hi there, I say the problem directly. How I fix the line spacing of edittext when there are some special characters like chinese? As you see, the spacing becomes weird if I type Chinese there ( the line numbers are not match with them, start from line14 ). I want to type Chinese without changing the line height.

Thanks guy.

Some time ago I’ve seen some comments about this in a site about c++. The problem could be the character encoding of the file. Maybe a possible solution could be: use English in the code, and other languages in a values/strings.xml file. Let us know if it helped

Yes, I have ever used English rather than using Chinese for the entire app before, for the reason why I changed it just because I considered sth. It is okay to alter the main language as English. However, I can’t prove that users won’t input Big5 and even other characters. ( I don’t wanna restrict them )

I understand. But the language you are using in your java code affect user experience? I think you must give attention to the character encoding of the input your program receives and outputs. My suggestion is to use English in the code, and leave other languages to XML resource files. I don’t think it will limit the user experience

Thx for your assist. yet I think you misunderstood the problem that I am facing? That screenshot is not regarding an IDE/code editor. That is my app, I use AIDE to develop it.
In the screenshot, I inputted Chinese there to show the problem regarding line height affection.

Oh sorry, now I understand. And sorry again, I don’t know how to help yet