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Error fontVariationSettings has already been defined


I have issue in aapt process in Androidx app version.
aapt craches on the next error :
aapt: Attribute “fontVariationSettings” has already been defined.
My app rund pefectly from computer.
Here is the conf of my app build.gradle :

My project gradle build version is :

classpath ‘’

I think it’s a gradle version issue. Could you help me to solve this problem.

Thank you.

you must be using latest aide…its known common bug with aide latest update.for the error i suspect from appcompat…
note:why you have double line multidex on implementation.:face_with_monocle:

Hi kingdj,

Thank you for your response. The repeat of multidex lib has no consequence on the build. I remove the second implementation and I have the same error.
I make some tests without my app code and only with the lib imports. I found that the conflict is between the two libs below :
I change the version of material lib to 1.0.0 and I have other errors :

I found that :
In AIDE exploded aar libraries :
In Appcompat 1.1.0 there is :
int attr fontVariationSettings 0x7f040085
In Material 1.2.0-Alpha03 there is :
int attr fontVariationSettings 0x7f040126

This is the conflict between the two libraries, but in Android Studio the conflict is correcly managed and the build finish witout problem. In AIDE the build not start at all.

yup…its should be concerned by aide team @trixi been stuck with this error for a month…but on aide build 3.2.190819 the error is not occur when using the same i went to that stable version for building my app

No no, you can just comment out the issue.

I install the version 3.2.190809, I not found the version 3.2.190819, and I have the same error, even I change the build version to 27.

sory its typo…its 3.2.190809… can you attach your sample app then i.l try it here to see how the result .

You can git clone here :