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☠️ Catastrophic data loss when using Find feature

I’m always aware about these bad things happen, so I backed up data everyday.
Finding Text feature was so useful for developer. However in AIDE, it was hidden and contain a lot of danger bugs.

Example you’re coding in MainActivity:
When you press Ctrl+F, a text box appear for searching. Next, you type something to search and it found good. And when you tab in code area to edit it, one of these things happened:

  1. Worked normally absolutely.
  2. Auto switch search mode and open system library files. When touch down, it creates underline and every text is a link, cool. Example tab on LinearLayout, it open a Module Library file of LinearLayout class. Pretty cool, huh.
  3. Back to editor, however not able to write, nor continue to search and open Library file. (Need to close app and open again)
  4. The app freezes, then flash white and back to work normally.
  5. The app freezes, then flash white and crash, auto back to Home screen.
  6. The app freezes, then not responded.
  7. The app freezes a few seconds, then back to editor normally. However you can’t use search anymore.
  8. The app is looked normally. When you save data, it’s said “Saved” normal like every time (the “*” on tab worked correctly), However, it didn’t not save any new data at all.
  9. The app is looked normally. However it can’t find error in editor.
  10. Worked normally, however when you close app and reopen, the file completely blank. And No Error.
  11. App crashed, and the file you’re editing became empty. 0 Byte.

The case 10 and 11 was so rare. I got it 2 times after hundreds time searched. Maybe 2/700. The first time was about 7 months ago.

I lost one day data this time. Oh, man.

It should has backup features even when you fixed those bugs. Example:

  1. Auto clone file backup to specific folder every 1 hours if the file is edited. Maximum 10 backup files for each coding file. (It will delete old file when over 10)
  2. Auto clone backup when save or exit AIDE. Maximum 10 files.
  3. Reverse specific file from build and apk file. (Is this possible?)

New version of AIDE got more bugs on this. It clear my MainActivity again. (Got 2 times in 2 days)
Thankfully that I backed up.

My MainActivity is about 250KB, does it overload for AIDE ? (I think it’s not and too small for compiling)

Please add your device specifics and any other details that could help reproducing the issue.

In this Device Not support AppCompat show Multiple Errors and Add In aide Latest Version Like Androidx

Ah, also I found that it can happened without using Find feature too. When you type Tab fast (like double Tab), It will popup "Analyzing… " and start appearing many error (not receive backspace any more, popup "Analyzing… " when type every Tab, data not save, Forever “No Error”). If you quit AIDE when it “Analyzing…” or forcing press backward then quit AIDE, all code in opening file will gone.
To stay safe, I will wait it “Analyzing” done. Then tab Home screen, copy coding file, finally restart AIDE.