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Can't create custom keystore file

Always failed to create custom keystore file. Shows a pop-up saying “failed to create keystore file/storage/emulated /0/appProjects/debug key.keystore”
Developer Please update to remove this error! Need help @trixi

I had this problem. When I change the language of my phone to English, the problem is solved.

Hi there I tried to do as you said ,but it doesn’t help :roll_eyes:

Hi. I have the same problem. Language change did not help.

That’s a bug in AIDE last version , use 3.2.190612 instead.

I am having this problem too!

please fix

Thank you for this report! I will talk to the devs about it and lead them here.
@all What language settings do you use? And did you try rebooting device after changing language to English? (see above) All details you can provide are welcome. I will open a bug report on this.