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⭐ Call of Aura League ♪♬♫ ★

You can see my apps built with AIDE at:
It’s pure app, free and no ads.

Now, I’m very excited to introduce my latest Free app built from AIDE: the Aura I Studio

Aura Studio provides multi float windows environment with some built in utilities as screensaver and code example.

Most Importantly, Aura Studio lets you program and test result directly without packing app. It comes with Full Lesson and Examples!

The coding language in the app is somewhat similar Java and android API. However, It’s much more shorter and simplier.
Once your program is done, you can export the code as binary gear and embed it inside my open source code to publish app with AIDE. At that point, your program becomes a multi float windows app and can be upload on Google Play.

Due to android later versions are not allow classic overlay anymore, Aura Studio comes with 2 pack: One is for old android os that support true float overlay, and the other is activity for later android os:
True Float:

Multi window inside Activity:

Aura Studio is suitable for developing simple game and app. You will code whole program in one file.

The goal of Aura is transform an Android Phone into a powerful multi task computer. Then expand interaction to other hardware devices included wireless sensors for making Smart House and Intelligent Robot and machine with cheap price.

Because old smartphone price in future will decrease low and cheap, it’ll be economically when use it as a brain in a machine system.

Aura series will have higher Class with more feature to access in future.

I invite you to join in Aura League, where you can share the works that made from Aura:
My next project is making 3D printer from it.
I hope that you can make some projects and have a Kickstarter from it. We can team up and work together.

Just published an update of Aura I 1.0.1 with new tools:
Unicode Note:

HEX Reader:

It’ll help you in developing app and make some interesting experiment.

Foreground Service app run Faster than Activity App.
Aura I Service (for Android 7.0 and lower):

Aura I Activity: (for later android version)

Wooh, two more weeks coding with Aura and publish with AIDE.
Now, it have built in Gallery and Music Player for you.
Especially, the Music Player can set looping in small range and slowdown that will help you to learn playing a song on Piano and other instruments.

You can clone the built in code and edit it when download the app.

I’m exciting to introduce new Update of Aura have a new tool for Artist: Code Draw.
With this tool, you can now making high quality Artwork and sell it. And, the code you developed in Code Draw will become precious that you can sell it too.
Join us on

Some artwork created by the tool: