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Badlogic not recog ize package

I’m starting à new program which will use the gdx librairie.
To be Quick i did copy paste one of the game course exercice from aide.
But in the ’game’ class file, In all the import at the beginning i have an ’unknown type or package’ on badlogic.

Is there something to install or download , or add into the manifest…
At least looking at what is in the course it does not looks like.

Check libgdx versions on Aide and the original, and see if it matches

Hi Williria,
How can i check this?
Also in the aide lesson it is working properly.

I coins this in the about section of aide
AIDE contains Libgdx by Mario Zechner and Nathan Sweet and associated sample code licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0.

In my AIDE installation there is LibGDX 1.3.1. You can check your version in the class com.badlogic.gdx.Version
Maybe the easiest way to get you working is to create a project using AIDE wizard, copying your files to the folder then resolving any errors

Well, your explanation are not very clear. And i’m not a java expert not to say a newbie
I did create the project using aide wizard (in fact i don’t know other way to do so)
Only thing i did is copying the myGdxGame class from the aide training, rename the package name to com.mycompany.myapp, and there badlogic is in error.
Thanks for your help

OK, so maybe you created a android application project. But you actually need is the game project wizard, which include the necessary libs to your project.
Also a way to see the version is simple.
Open your project
Import the class mentioned before
dismiss the keyboard from the screen(needed for the next step)
Tap in the top right menu
Click in navigate mode
Click in the class name.
Pronto!! Just read constants inside the class

Well, none of your explaination work.
When you write ”import the class mentionned before ” what do you mean, download something? Then from were? Or just write ”import com.badlogic…”
In the top rigth menu, no navigate mode, no class name…

In the aide training apport adding the import In the java class, nothing else is needed, well at least this is not shown

When I said to find the version, I mean inspecting the class. A great tool of AIDE is navigation mode. When there is no keyboard on the screen, in the top left menu, the first option is the navigate mode. In this mode, if you click in something in the code, it shows information about it. If you click on a class, you can see class variables and methods

Oh Man…we will go nowhere if you are not more accurate and specific!

Not sure which aide version you have, but on my tab, no ”navigate” option or mode is existing
from the top right menu or from anywhere else in aide.
I suppose you are referring to View -> files ?

I search on my side and find that libraries could be added as jar files in the project structure. I found also in the project LIBRARY directory a choice saying ”add to project” underground which ”existing JAR file” choice. When clicking their it just says in a pop up, copy jar file in the ’libs’ directory of your project.
But can’t find this Libs directory.

I did also download the jar i suppose to be the one,.
But not knowing where o put this jar is preventing me to progress

Am i on the good track?

As with pretty much any IDE if a directory doesnt exist theres nothing stopping you from simply creating it yourself. If you wanted to be quick though why not just create a new game project its already set up specifically for game development with libgdx in java, i dont think it gets any quicker than that.

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Hi Jay,
This is what i did, like the Aide game course is doing but it does not work.
I creates de project, but badlogic is reporter as an unknown type or package

Is there a special option to create a ’game’ project?

Jay, got it, i found the option! Sounds it works !