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Hello folks,

I’m a noob in Java for android programming (did a lot of Basic, Pascal and Python, even OOP Python, all in Android devices) and while following a course, it asks to use appcompatactivity, which seems the norm for Android Studio, but without messing with the dependencies and gradle, I am only able to use Activity in AIDE. I also searched in Discourse, but I was not able to find a concise answer.
Can anyone help me how to use appcompatactivity in AIDE?

First include appcompat support in your gradle file, then extend appcompat activity in your Java activity (public class My activity extends AppCompat Activity) then in your styles xml files use Theme.AppCompat.light reference as AppTheme. If u need screenshots let me know.

In short, do not use the AIDE app to create new projects! Sadly enough, it will create a project without gradle dependencies hence it will use the activity instead of appcompatactivity.
I don’t wanna promote other apps, but there are a few apps that can help you create new projects with more options than AIDE itself. Search the store for AIDE Mate for example. Cheers.

Thanks for the support!

Thanks Ali. Found it. Which of the flags do I use in dependencies? I clicked on support, and when I opened the project in AIDE, it downloaded what is needed. But appcompatactivity still shows an error.

In build.gradle inside app folder:

dependencies {
    compile fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar'])
    compile ''
    compile ''

In import:

import android.Manifest;

Or hold at the error to select import. There are java package that not solve the error after import, you should try the other choice if available.

A screenshot of your dependencies and another one for the class containing the errors might be helpful