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AIDE file system


Where can I find the AIDE file system OUTSIDE of AIDE? I’m trying to access the AIDE source docs from OUTSIDE of AIDE, like thru File Manager, & I can’t find them?




If you are referring to the path shown in the screenshot: data/user/0…
It is only accessible to users with rooted devices since the above mentioned path is only present in the root of your device’s storage and you should NOT normally play around with it.

Thanks for the reply, Ali!

That would mean that files of projects in AIDE can’t be easily accessed? Why would AIDE make that design flaw except to make things difficult for developers? All other IDEs have the files of their projects easily accessible.

Trix of AIDE also said that projects can be exported. When I pressed her for details, she mentioned the Publish feature. But as far as I can tell, the only output of that feature is a jar.

Is there no other recourse except to have root?

Would you know of another Android Java IDE that will run on Android Java?