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Aide Complete Libraries List

Please, add a list of all compatible libraries of Aide, so we could be amazed about how much we can explore. With some resume, so we could know more about them

This is not possible! There is a ton of those on github alone!

It does not need to be complete, but to serve as a help, at least for beginners like me

You can start with the support libraries that AIDE can add to your project. Check the screenshot --> Add to project

OK. Thanks.
So how about libraries outside AIDE? What is the requirements for it to work? How to use them?
For Android libraries it is pretty straightforward, and how to use pure java libraries?
An thanks Ali your answers :+1:t4:

For external libraries, you might need to add the following to the top level build.gradle

allprojects {
    repositories {
		maven { url "" }

Then add a libray as follows:
implementation 'com.sothree.slidinguppanel:library:3.4.0'
As a side note: you can search the Store for an app called OpenHub. This has been a great help for me while using AIDE. You can download projects as zip files straight from the app.
Hope these help ya!

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Many thanks @Ali . Tutorials like this is what I’ve been looking for

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