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Just requested access and you granted within minutes! Thank you so much for these templates. I’ve wanted AndroidX templates for months.

You’re welcome mate!

Am having errors in your template

What is the error? …

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He never replied back to your issue! Wow what a helping community AIDE has! Makes me wanna quit it due to lack of support.

The community is small, needing divulgations.


I know but at least there should be someone from the development team who knows the things we need to do in such cases. @dekubi 's error for example

Yeah, I know some things of the app, but not all things. I’m here to help, but I can’t help all!


Works fine!

Night theme is working automatically

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I have downloaded your tamplete but I got 14 errors been showed up. Three in the values folder and they are duplicated attributes. And the others expect one are ‘alpha’ errors and the excepted one is ‘layout_behavior’ errors. The ‘alpha’ and ‘layout_behavior’ are preceded by ‘app:’ attribute not ‘android:’ as usual. How can I solve these errors, please.

“are preceded by ‘app:’ attribute not ‘android:’ as usual”

app and android are namespaces not attributes you will definitely of noticed app:showAsAction when implementing a menu. To break this down the app part is the xml namespace and the showAsAction part is the attribute. Since these are not framework attributes they use a custom namespace.

The first screenshot is a conflict between 2 or more libraries. This means you are using 2 libraries that have the same attribute names.
Possible solutions

  1. Comment out these errors ( I don’t recommend)
  2. Find the conflicting library and replace it. How?
    a. In your app’s build.gradle, Comment out ALL non-Google libraries.
    b. Then try other libraries one by one besides Google libraries until you get these errors again.
    c. When you find it, replace it.

Can you help with my question?